Sunday, April 14, 2013

Greening - stop talking, start doing.

For times immemorial, I have heard this about greening, environment protection etc. Corporates promote it, governments spend money on it. So, where is all the money going? I think it is only going towards the promotion of the issue. Corporates pass on these messages to their employees and sometimes use this as a concept to brand their image. Governmets run conferences of foreign delegates and then talk business on the same table I believe. So if I understand it right, money is spent on promoting the issue of greening/environment by corporates and by the government to promote brand. What is being done to actually address the issue? Maybe I do not have visibility there, but I have visibility about what we as individuals can do to addresss the issue of greening.

By the way, by greening i mean helping save the environment by optimally using its resources so that less of the trees are cut, less of the minerals are mined, less of oil wells are drilled and less of everything is produced. In a way, everything that helps save the planet.

Do you know that every second, the US consumes 1500 plastic bottles of water. Imagine if every plastic bottle is sent back to recycle, would it not result in cutting production of at least 75% of the bottles? Do your math. Similarly, you can look at any object that you use in your daily life. It will contain plastic, metal or paper or something else. The minute it is disposed off appropriately, it would get to recycling. So think of what can be recycled in varying percentages (all paper, all plastic, all metals) and how much of waste you can put back in to the economy without hitting the resources of the planet.

So this is the crux. Greening starts at an individul. The corporates and the government can use it as an opportunity and at best promote the cause and help guide you. They can discuss about formulatitng policies and regulations to help you. If you do not do, what can they do? They are legal structures, not people right.

So next time you are done using an object and think it no longer serves your purpose,  try doing this.
  1. Think of the raw materials used in the object.
  2. Do u have a trash guy who collects them from home. If so collate your trash for him. Remember, discipline in trash segregation will only help him. He will ultimately dump the trash appropriately and might make some mo ney from local recyclers.
  3. You can also earn money if u regularly use newspapers, plastic, or metals. collate them and sell it to local trash guys. Iron - Rs.20/Kg, Paper - Rs.8/Kg, Cartons - Rs.7/Kg etc. So find a local trash guy and dump ur trash.
At the end of it you will feel clean, responsible, satisfied and with some luck a little richer too.

So discipline your trashing and make the world a better place. Imagine if every one of the seven billion people of the world did this. I can only be hopeful for others but act on my end.

Trash rightly, Green rightly!!