Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where is Google heading to!!!

Google plans to experiment with an Ultra hi-speed ISP service in cities across US. This it plans to do by building its own infrastructure of fiber network to deliver speeds 100 times faster than conventional networks - a 1-gigabit-per-second fiber-to-the-home connection at a competitive price to potentially 500,000 people. An interesting discussion happened today around the diversification of Google and we ended up realizing that Google is into more things than we thought it was, as a layman user. Here is what came out: 1) Search Engine, 2) Online Advertising Real Estate, 3) Mobile O/s, 4) Cloud apps (edocs), 5) Ultra hi-speed ISP (with Fiber network). Now if you put all of these in a melting pot, what do you get. A technology company which provides free search facility, which provides a mobile O/s, which provides you internet connectivity (ISP), helps you use applications on the future and the best still makes major chunk of its money from advertisement dollars. Now here is my theory. Firstly, in a couple of years, it could raise wireless towers and connect them with the fiber optic, bid for 4G license and become a full fledged telecom company. Secondly, in the Era of Cloud, host all its sensible applications (computer & Mobile apps) on cloud, allow access to these apps through its high speed fiber and telecom network.You wake up, You text, You call, You browse internet, you write a document, you work on a spread sheet, you teleconference, you connect to your VPN through hi-speed net, you access applications on cloud. All this on a Google phone, through a Google 4G wireless and fiber network. What else does a human need? It will not take long for Google to make this theory a reality.

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  1. Surekha4:42 PM

    When all the companies were behind minting money, Google is the only one which started the free service BUSINESS. I am just wondering if there would be any to beat this altogether different business strategy. Google's vision and approach is always mesmarizing...


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