Friday, March 11, 2005

Just in for first day

This is the first time in my life that i am writing any kind of a log. I felt the necessity for the log to understand patterns if any...and also to use this as an archive platform.. I had been recently reading business world when i came across a few technology updates..which go as follows: First the Magic Ink from Magink (Manufacturing partner with Mitsubishi for Mitsubishi Sign), an Israel based company now in US has developed an ink (a blend of organic molecules) that produces a paste consisting of tiny structures resembling the DNA helix. Each helix is about one micron long and responds in a predictable way to signals from a control grid, when applied on plastic or glass substrate. Under white light, the helixes normally look red. But send a certain signal from a computer to a specific grid junction, and the helixes there change shape slightly and turn blue. Other signals produce green, yellow, or other hues. The screen can be repainted 70 times a second -- double the speed for full-motion video -- or an image can be frozen for months without fading. This makes it possible for transmitting real time information in railway station displays, weather displays on the roads, bill boards any where while all are connected to some central systems. The messages on the billboards can be changed/manipulated with the help of wireless systems. Earlier systems used LED's (Light Emiting Diodes) and LCD for such interactive displays which are cubersome and not very interactive. Second..BBN of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has come up with and delivered a technology codenamed "Boomerang" where in it can tell the soldiers the direction, elevation and range of the sniper location by hearing the shock waves created by the rifel shot. This device was designed, developed and tested for realtime conditions in 66 days and the only objective was to use it for street patrol in wartime e.g like in Iraq. The Boomerang has a radio interference shield and will hear rifel shot shock waves, its mounted on a single van and all these can be done on the move. The further enhancement the agency is looking at is to integrate this sniper detection system with robotic guns which can take inputs from the device and fire back at the sniper locations. Ravi.

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